Education Innovation is our Future

Jason believes education at all levels is essential to Minnesota’s success. Every family, child and young adult must have an opportunity to thrive so they can contribute to our economy.

PreK-12 Innovation

“We need to bring career and technical (Vocational) education back into our junior and senior high schools. For far too long we have neglected this aspect of education in our state. Minnesota needs to value all avenues of education, not just four year degrees. Students need to have a wide range of educational opportunities in both math and science as well as the trades and technical education. I am committed to bringing career and technical education back to our schools, so every young adult has an opportunity to thrive.” – Jason Isaacson

Jason is committed to supporting our schools in the following ways:

  •         Provide for adequate teacher salaries
  •         Provide the resources needed to teach in the classroom
  •         Provide regulatory relief for our special education teachers
  •         Provide schools with adequate funding to allow for a diversity of programs and opportunities for students
  •         Provide each district with the resources need to have adequate counseling and mental health support.
  •         Provide support to our schools to address and finally solve the equity issue that plagues our schools. We can no longer accept the status quo of the achievement gap our minority communities. This is a crisis that we must continue to address.

Higher Education Innovation

Jason is committed to working with all interested parties to ensure that we continue to match educational programs with employers’ needs

Jason has worked with the Minnesota Chamber, local businesses, and many Minnesota State Colleges to create a customized training program. He has authored bills to provide support to both businesses and students alike. Helping employers find employees in the manufacturing sector and helping the employees get an education to accompany a well-paying job. Jason’s legislation resulted in over $5 million dollars in support for middle class families. (Minnesota HF 1391 & HF 729)

“Minnesota has built an amazing higher education system. At the same time we’ve seen a resurgence in manufacturing jobs. Sadly, in part due to the lack of career and technical education in high school, we are facing a work shortage. By partnering our institutions of higher education with the major employers in their regional economy, we’ll be able to create a workforce ready to meet the needs of manufacturing businesses. My work the past four years in the Minnesota House of Representatives has been to facilitate hose connections. I will work tirelessly to continue providing support to small businesses and those looking for a career in manufacturing.

“We have a student debt crisis in Minnesota. The state needs to accept responsibility for funding and supporting higher education. We cannot allow schools to price an entire segment of our population out of post-secondary education. There was a time that the Minnesota paid for the majority of education costs. We need to reinvest in our schools. We need to shift the burden away from students in our four year and technical education institutions. Part of the reason we have so many Fortune 500 companies in Minnesota is our educated and competent workforce. We cannot afford to lose that edge over other states.” – Jason Isaacson

Committed to Middle Class & Senior Tax Cuts

· Jason is the only member of either party to offer a true middle class tax cut. (Minnesota HF 3774)
· Jason has offered property tax and income tax relief for seniors. (Minnesota HF 1768)

“If the state of Minnesota continues collecting a surplus from the Minnesota taxpayers, we will need to reduce the tax burden on the Middle Class. For far too long we have placed the middle class in a peculiar donut hole. We have forced them to pay for our government with the least amount of assistance. The rich have the money they need and we have a multitude of important programs to help the less fortunate. Sadly, the middle class gets stuck with the check. The only group we should focus tax cuts on are the middle class. This should include not just cuts, but targeted tax credits for working families and those raising children.

“A great example of this is how the Federal government requires that students under 24 years of age count their parents income when considering financial aid. Many parents make enough so the student cannot get financial aid. However the parents, many of whom have their own student debt, cannot afford to financially help their children pay for school.” – Jason Isaacson

Over 21,000 Doors Knocked

Team Isaacson has knocked more than 21,000 doors so far! When Ike is our voice at the Capitol, he’ll make sure the economy works for all of us.

With three weeks left until the election, we hope you’ll volunteer to join us to get our message out to the voters in SD 42!