These are a few of the accomplishments that I hope to build on next term!

  • Barred hate groups from our public school.
  • Advocated and passed the safe schools anti-bullying bill.
  • Partnered with Rep. Fischer to transfer the Harambee school to the Roseville Area School District.
  • Passed a dual training program that connected people who were out of work with small businesses and education to train and educate for new careers.
  • Created TIF zones for the businesses of Shoreview to encourage small business development.
  • Passed a small business relief bill to help them survive the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Passed the largest increase in housing funding in recent history.
  • Passed funding for train quiet zones in the district.
  • Authored bill to replace the very old Rice Street bridge over I-694.
  • Authored bill that resulted in one million new trees being planted in Minnesota.
  • Co-author of bill to legalize gay marriage in Minnesota.
  • Passed funding to support the Boys and Girls Club of America.