· Jason is the only member of either party to offer a true middle class tax cut. (Minnesota HF 3774)
· Jason has offered property tax and income tax relief for seniors. (Minnesota HF 1768)

“If the state of Minnesota continues collecting a surplus from the Minnesota taxpayers, we will need to reduce the tax burden on the Middle Class. For far too long we have placed the middle class in a peculiar donut hole. We have forced them to pay for our government with the least amount of assistance. The rich have the money they need and we have a multitude of important programs to help the less fortunate. Sadly, the middle class gets stuck with the check. The only group we should focus tax cuts on are the middle class. This should include not just cuts, but targeted tax credits for working families and those raising children.

“A great example of this is how the Federal government requires that students under 24 years of age count their parents income when considering financial aid. Many parents make enough so the student cannot get financial aid. However the parents, many of whom have their own student debt, cannot afford to financially help their children pay for school.” – Jason Isaacson